Looking after our people!

Here at CRS we understand how important it is to create a vibrant working environment, maintain employee engagement and ensure staff well-being is top priority. As an extra little thank you to our hard working team, we are proud to introduce an additional day off as annual leave. Cheers to the CRS team – have your birthday off on us! 

Health and safety in the workplace / on site

Looking after Health and Safety and the well-being of your staff, customers and the public is imperative. Businesses that neglect H&S can face increased costs, fines, rejected insurance claims and prosecution. If you need any tips or advice around ways to improve, manage and maintain H&S, visit or give us a call – we will be happy to help! 

Importance of disclosure

When arranging a comprehensive insurance programme to protect your business, disclosure has never been so important. The use of a competent and experienced broker is a must. We will guide you through every step to ensure even accidental non-disclosure isn’t possible. Don’t get caught short.

Charity Fund Raising for the Alzheimer’s Society

Team CRS have been working hard to raise funds in support of the Alzheimer’s Society, a charity very close to us and many others. Our amazing team have managed to raise £1,160.00 so far and we are still going! With Amy Lester completing a whopping 300 miles walking in August and the team preparing for a wild, wet and very muddy weekend taking part in the Autumn Wolf Run, we are extremely proud of our efforts! Thank you so much to everyone who has shown support so far and any additional sponsorship would be hugely appreciated by us and our worthy cause. Fund raising page – CRS Insurance fundraising for Alzheimers Society on JustGiving

Amy’s 300 miles (progress update)

Wolf Run – WE DID IT!

Thank you to everyone who supported us and our amazing chosen charity – Alzheimer’s Society. A very muddy and wet weekend for #Team CRS Insurance Brokers but it was certainly all worth it. We managed to smash our £1,000 target out of the water with a massive £1,320 raised!! A great time had by all, as well as a very fun way to network (minus the aching limbs and bruises!).

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September 2022

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At CRS, we believe trust to be a major part of the overall customer experience. With this in mind, we lay solid foundations from the outset by building strong, reliable relationships with our customers and will ensure that your point of contact remains the same throughout the year.

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